Can it really be 50 years! 50 years and yet memories of this time are still so vivid, especially one particular autumn day in 1966. I had what I could only describe as an 'Ah ha'

moment, but actually it was, even in its supposed subtlety, an eruption from the unconscious. I thought of it as my Spiritual Awakening. Whatever it was changed my life and left

me searching for other people who'd experienced something similar. I didn't know then that my awakening was actually an initiation of aligning myself with and becoming part of

the zeitgeist of that time. I was about to become part of a sub-culture that was already forming in a distant land. San Francisco! And, as life often does, when you tap into the

collective unconscious, (no such thing as coincidence!!) I found myself, three months later, in San Francisco having been asked to help a friend with the opening of her shop.

What I didn't know until I arrived, February 1967, that I was smack bang in the middle of what was soon to be known as 'Flower Power.' Everyone I came across had also

experienced this new way of being, this new awareness. it had spread like wild fire through art, philosophy and music, and the mantra on everyone's lips was 'LOVE.' Gradually

this sub-culture made it's way across America and Europe, and people expressed their new found ideologies in anything creative. I feel lucky to have experienced the

unifying creative force of the 60's, in all its innocence, and now, 50 years on, the spirit still lives through the music of that time. I was interviewed with my sister at the Beatles

International Festival in Liverpool recently and there I witnessed the longing for that spirit in the eyes and the words of the crowd, a wish to have been part of that time. They

hang on lovingly to the Beatles, their music, photographs of the 60's and anyone who was there, a hunger from deep within. The've been coming here, like swallows, every year

from all over the world to get close to the magic of the 60's. It was a time capsule like no other.

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